Back to the roots

with :
Sylvain BARDIAU | trumpet
Frédéric GASTARD | bass saxophone
Matthias MAHLER | trombone

With this new program, JOURNAL INTIME wishes to extend the range of the trio and return to the roots of their inspirations by traveling through the repertoire of mythical soloists and trios in jazz history.

Free circulating sounds, a rare collection of tones and grooves transpire all through. Take a bunch of songs. These tunes have since the 1930s ended up creating a specific language beyond borders and time. Along the lines of famous trios (from HENDRIX to JARRET, from Bill EVANS to Jimmy GIUFFRE) JOURNAL INTIME ventures into tackling these standards head on, jostling them about, drawing from them a unique driving force which makes this pocket brass band one of the most mesmerizing of the moment. From HIGELIN to TRICKY, from Marc DUCRET to Rodolphe BURGER, they have all requested to work with these three monumental blowers.

STANDARDS © Aleksey Kaznadey


Attacks, arrhythmias, deconstructions give a new freshness to « Give Me The Simple Life« , « Old Folks« , « Chelsea Bridge« , « Stella by Starlight« , « What Is This Thing Called Love« . The pocket brass band’s prowess even manages to make us forget the voice of Nat KING COLE on « Blame It On My Youth« . Let’s blame it foremost on the splendid sound of Matthias MAHLER‘s trombone, transfiguring a chorus into a thousand colours. The star trumpet returns for « Ain’t She Sweet » popularized by THE BEATLES. Exhilarating and delighting, one has the firm conviction that this new project has a rosy future ahead, and wishes nothing less to this enduring autumn festival. The secret of lasting lies in breathing, when others tend to hold their breath.
Anne YVEN – Citizenjazz (11/12/2016)

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